The founder and CEO of Bian Capital has recently begun posting his thoughts and ideas in the form of journal entries to an online platform.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2021 / It is with great enthusiasm that Daniel Yomtobian, serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Southern California venture capital firm Bian Capital, announces that he has launched a blog meant to chronicle his experiences and share his opinions with the world. …

Daniel Yomtobian is an ambitious entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. Since he was 17, he has been career-focused and success-driven. As the owner of an investment company, Daniel Yomtobian shares his views on current marketing strategies.

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Both sales and marketing work to increase company revenue. While they are similar, their practices may vary. Mr. Yomtobian sees marketing as an essential part of any business.

The marketing industry creates awareness of a product, service, or brand. According to Daniel Yomtobian, this can be done using several methods. By designing a clear plan, marketing generates interest from potential clientele. …

Daniel Yomtobian’s first experience in the professional world was a job working at Von’s supermarket at the age of 17, while still in high school. At the time, his plan for a career was to work hard and earn promotions within that organization, eventually becoming a store manager, and later a district manager. However, this plan was disrupted when fate intervened and Daniel learned that a close family friend had become a professional web designer during the early days of the internet. He talked with the family friend and the resulting conversation inspired him to enroll in a two-day tutorial…

The advent of smartphones changed how we interact online. What once was the throne of desktop computers and laptops, smartphones now claim the top spot for accessing digital media. We now can watch videos, look at pictures, and listen to music on our smartphones aside from mere messaging. Our mobile devices are more portable. Thus we carry them around to do everything from being an alarm clock, an internet browser, and even a pedometer.

With a myriad of powerful features, the smartphone has also changed marketing and advertising. Bian Capital founder Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, has seen this…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) often stereotypes self-learning programs into robots for innovation’s sake. Creating these robots for manufacturing, human assistance, and other tasks that need automation is the easily understood artificial intelligence side.

There’s another facet of AI that is quite hidden in plain sight. These are algorithms and machine learning programs applied in marketing practices. Bian Capital founder Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, has observed how AI propagated his investment company and how it is evolving, providing business owners automated solutions that are easy and effective.

How is AI observable in marketing, and what are the implications of the…

It has long been known that companies that give back to the community are more successful than those who keep their profits for themselves. Many factors go into fostering the financial growth of your company, and a robust and generous philanthropy program is only one of them.

Daniel Yomtobian, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California, explains why corporate philanthropy is a good idea for businesses of all sizes, naming its advantages and offering ways that companies can begin giving back to the community.

The Advantages of Corporate Philanthropy

Following are the top advantages of corporate philanthropy, emphasizing how corporate and social responsibility can help your…

New technology can be an excellent addition to any investor’s portfolio. Biotech, Blockchain, advanced computing, robotics, and AI are just a few of the areas where investors can share in growing industries’ profits.

Although new technology is often a good investment, there are a few caveats that investors should keep in mind when they are constructing their portfolios. Tech entrepreneur Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, explores the pros and cons of investing in new technology.

Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, on Investing in Technology

The Pros of Investing in New Technology

Special Market Niches

One of the biggest advantages of investing in new technology is that each company has its own market niche, which may solve a new…

As a business owner, investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who may have helped support your mission. Local volunteer groups or non-profit organizations give a lot of help to the communities they’re a part of, but it can’t be done without the help of others.

Many business owners enjoy giving back to local communities for a pleasant feeling of “doing good.” But, that’s not all. Giving to local communities has tangible benefits for a business, too. …

Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, On Building A CSR Campaign

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or are just launching your business, you’ll find yourself funneling most of your resources and energy into your company and building it up. However, a large part of what makes a business successful is how you help others and give back to your community.

We live in a time where image is everything — especially for a business. Customers judge companies by their demonstration of compassion and it has become a fundamental aspect of the business landscape and defining success. …

When social change and community services are needed, the non-profit sector is usually the first go-to. However, as organizations’ business practices become more transparent, consumers look to corporate leaders to provide more than just goods and economic benefits. As a result, these companies are now doing more by doing their responsible part in society and giving back — in large part — through fundraising for charitable causes.

Daniel Yomtobian, a respected entrepreneur in the online advertising industry from Los Angeles, California, explains what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is and how charity is heavily involved.

Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, on CSR and Charity

Corporate Social Responsibility

In an effort…

Daniel Yomtobian

Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, is an innovator and leader in the online advertising industry.

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