Daniel Yomtobian Discusses Why Social Media Continues To Dominate Marketing Strategies

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Both sales and marketing work to increase company revenue. While they are similar, their practices may vary. Mr. Yomtobian sees marketing as an essential part of any business.

A Brief History of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing did not occur in a vacuum. Daniel Yomtobian has been aware of the impact digital marketing has on society at large. Social interactions are key to building a reputable company and have always been a way to generate leads and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing Today

Social media marketing is the #1 tool for businesses. It’s fast, effective, and inexpensive for small businesses to use. Without a digital strategy that incorporates social connections, companies will not generate as much revenue as possible.

Humanizing The Business

Certain social platforms like Youtube can attract influencers. This is a relatively new genre of social media marketing that attracts many users. Influencers are well-versed in current trends and serve as idols to a younger demographic. Typically a company will give the influencer free samples of their product, and the influencer will promote it through their channel. The payment structure can be different depending on the influencer, but it has become a way for the individual and the company to gain exposure.

Stay On Top

Once a business becomes successful, the work does not end. Staying successful requires effort and a highly organized company full of motivated employees. Using social media for marketing creates a way to measure success through social interaction.


Social media marketing increases traffic. They increase the number of people who come in contact with the brand as well as potential customers. Since marketing goals do not typically reflect the number of transactions, social media metrics gather a broader sense of future possibilities.



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Daniel Yomtobian

Daniel Yomtobian

Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, is an innovator and leader in the online advertising industry.