Artificial Intelligence In Marketing: Daniel Yomtobian Explains How It Is Shaping The Industry

Daniel Yomtobian
4 min readApr 27, 2021


Artificial Intelligence (AI) often stereotypes self-learning programs into robots for innovation’s sake. Creating these robots for manufacturing, human assistance, and other tasks that need automation is the easily understood artificial intelligence side.

There’s another facet of AI that is quite hidden in plain sight. These are algorithms and machine learning programs applied in marketing practices. Bian Capital founder Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, has observed how AI propagated his investment company and how it is evolving, providing business owners automated solutions that are easy and effective.

How is AI observable in marketing, and what are the implications of the ever-evolving machine learning technologies? In this post, Daniel Yomtobian discusses how the marketing industry is gradually being shaped by artificial intelligence.

Daniel Yomtobian From Los Angles, California, Explains How AI Is Shaping The Marketing Industry

Automating marketing tasks

In digital marketing, several tasks require monitoring data, optimizing based on results, and creating new strategies. Experts have done these tasks of continued evaluation and performance refinement, but now it is possible to leave the processes to AI-powered technologies.

Through machine learning, marketing experts can automate the following tasks:

Setting advertising bids:

The optimal bid for advertisement should be calculated to ensure that one will get the best return on investment for each click. Artificial intelligence can help marketing experts determine the correct bid to get the best results for value.

Scheduling posts at optimal times:

Artificial intelligence is all about automating repetitive tasks by using vital information from several platforms. For example, marketers can schedule social media posts, and the AI algorithm can help them determine the right timing of a post where most people can see it on their feeds.

Customer experience:

When a customer visits a website or an online marketplace, AI can help improve customer experience and leads by automating tasks such as sending emails or notifications as needed.

Personalized user experience

According to Daniel Yomtobian, the backbone of artificial intelligence is processing essential data. When machines learn to process vital information, optimize the process, and create solutions all by themselves, we consider this “smart technology.”

We can see this intelligent technology also shaping the marketing industry. It is evident in the increasing personalization of user experiences in several marketing strategies:

Advertisement suggestions based on previous searches:

When you type information in search engines and other marketplaces, you will notice that similar advertisements appear in your social media feeds or even websites. This marketing AI at play, as the algorithm picks up information about the user, can create personalized advertisements.

Customized suggestions based on data:

AI also has the power to get data from marketplace searches or your demographic information. This is why when you’re searching online retail marketplaces such as Amazon, you will notice that product suggestions are often those fitting for your current needs.

Daniel Yomtobian From Los Angles, California, Discusses Email Marketing

Email marketing:

Email marketing campaigns can also be highly personalized through artificial intelligence. Previous searches and purchases from a website can provide emails where businesses can provide “top picks” or curated suggestions for the user.

Accessibility and availability

Responsive marketing is another trend emerging thanks to AI-powered technologies. Business owners do not have to hire round-the-clock customer service agents to respond quickly to inquiries and complaints — instead, they can utilize artificial intelligence tools such as:


Chatbots can help ensure that users are engaged in your website or social media, increasing responsiveness, and also answer basic questions. These AI tools can also help create pre-formatted replies, letting customers know that you received the inquiry and you will be replying soon.

Smart online cart system:

Imagine if you have to take each customer through the checkout process by providing information on modes of payment, getting their shipping details, and such. AI allows business owners to completely automate the cart, checkout, and payment options, making the process smooth and easy on both ends.

Round-the-clock admin tools:

Another way that AI is shaping the marketing industry is through marketing admin tools. In the past, people need expert consultation for marketing decisions. Now, even beginners can assess their own marketing insights and create informed decisions through AI-powered programs.

Continued optimization

Another great way that AI is shaping the marketing industry is through continued optimization in various platforms. The conventional method of observing areas of improvement is through detail monitoring or A/B experimentation. Marketing experts are trained to compare and contrast A and B samples and choose which one is more effective.

Now, machine learning allows for the continuous optimization of strategies, making A/B experimentation simpler, faster, and more accurate. Marketing experts can now determine which strategy provides more value without the arduous task of lengthy analyses.

Algorithms in AI helps professionals gather, process, and tweak strategies according to results one step at a time. The algorithms are set in place, automatically improving the marketing systems through insights gathered over time.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Future Implications

As discussed by Daniel Yomtobian, we see how much artificial intelligence is shaping the marketing industry, and the best is yet to come. There will be more tools, features, and strategies powered by machine learning so that business owners remain profitable while their customers remain satisfied.



Daniel Yomtobian

Daniel Yomtobian from Los Angeles, California, is an innovator and leader in the online advertising industry.